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Leftovers Buy Good Deeds and Goodwill

Fund your good cause with a Rotary Crab Feast grant

Members of the Rotary Club of Annapolis have been serving crabs to raise money for charities for almost 70 years.

The leftovers from the Rotary Club of Annapolis’s 68th annual crab feast last month will feed, clothe and otherwise enrich the Annapolis community. Just how begins with you. Explain how you and your organization would use a share of the take, up to $5,000, in a project to improve the local quality of life for “as many people as possible.” Turn your plan into a grant application due by year’s end at
    Winning grants will be made by a club committee that changes each year to foster a fresh perspective on the community’s greatest needs.
    2011’s crab feast funded $69,700 in grants, shared by 36 organizations, from $4,000 to the Happy Helpers for the Homeless of Annapolis to $500 each to Bates Middle School PTA and Edgewater Elementary School
    Start now to see your name on this year’s list.