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Keeping Osprey Watch

Help keep birds safe on power poles

All over Chesapeake Country, people are welcoming returning osprey. After traveling 1,800 to 4,600 miles, they’re ready to settle into just the right nest. Most return to an earlier nesting spot, but two-year-olds returning on their first northward migration have to go house-hunting.
    Like channel markers, utility poles are favorite nesting spots, but they are not good choices since nests on power poles can both endanger the birds and cause power outages.
    To keep birds out of trouble, use Baltimore Gas and Electric’s Osprey Watch — [email protected] — to if you see a nest on or near power lines and poles. BGE will dispatch a trained crew to either shield the raptors from the equipment or remove and relocate unoccupied nests.
    If the pole is easily accessible, send the pole number, located on a placard near eye level on the pole. If it is not easily accessible, send the address nearest to the pole and attach photos.
    Last year, 23 nests were reported and made safe.