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Invasive Plants Spreading a Mile a Minute

State Highway Administration is fast behind

Don’t let looks deceive you. Some of the pretty greenery you see on the side of the road is invasive.
    Invasive plants are a growing problem in the state. Pretty white-flowering Bradford pear trees escaped from domestication, Mile-a-minute weeds and multiflora rose bramble may look nice, but they are invaders. Now the State Highway Administration is on a mission to remove the troublemakers.
    Safety worries Charlie Gischlar at the State Highway Administration. Vines take suffocating hold of trees, causing the tree to become brittle and dry. All it takes is one bad summer storm to push the tree over right into the highway, taking down power lines and crushing anything underneath.
    Invasive species also make their way to Bay wetlands, a natural filter for the Bay. Invaders choke wetlands, and that hurts the Bay.
    Some areas will be re-planted with hearty native species while others will be left empty for natives to colonize.
    The $6 million project saves money in the long run on everyday maintenance.
    So don’t panic when you see crews cutting down pretty invaders.