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Good Old Boys Move Over

Democratic women wanted to run for office

Blame it on the boys.    
    In Anne Arundel and Calvert counties, more men than women are making political decisions.
    Four men to one woman govern on Calvert County’s Board of Commissioners. Anne Arundel got a woman, Laura Neuman, by appointment, but in the last election, not a single woman won a voice in local government.
    Calvert sends six men and no women to the State House. Anne Arundel sends 20 members to the House and Senate; five are women.
    In 225 years, Maryland has elected eight women to the U.S. House of Representatives, one woman to the U.S. Senate and none governor.  Statewide, less than 31 percent of Maryland state legislators are women.
    If you’d like to equalize the numbers — and share the blame — Emerge Maryland may be your next step. If you’re a Democrat.
    Emerge Maryland — one of a network of political training organizations active in 13 states — will train 20 Democratic women to prepare for political campaigns.
    For seven months, from October through April, aspiring candidates learn fundraising, campaign management, networking and other key aspects of running a successful campaign.
    To qualify, you have to be a bright and hard-working leader, involved in your community or job and able to inspire people and build networks.
    If you’re that kind of woman — and if you’re willing to share in the decisions and the blame — learn more at Applications open thru Sept. 7.