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Gaze Into Your Snow Globe

Foresee this year’s inch total and Laura Neuman will buy you lunch

Is it ever going to snow in Maryland? Probably, out there in our mountainous west. But how about closer to home? Will Anne Arundelians see snow in 2013-2014?
    Nobody knows when — or if — it will snow.
    But that shouldn’t stop you from guessing. Especially when the right guess can win you lunch — as well as bragging rights.
    Alas, it’s too late to prognosticate the first snowfall and win a ride on a working snow plow: that competition ended at midnight November 25. But you’ve got until Nov. 30 to guess how much it will snow between December 1 and March 15.
    The best guesser wins lunch with  County Executive Laura Neuman — who is both vegetarian and gluten free — and Department of Public Works Director Christopher Phipps.
    Post your guess at