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Anne Arundel Countians Speak Their Mind

We’re closer to unity on birth control for pets than on who should be president

Anne Arundel County agrees more on spaying and neutering than who the next president should be according the Anne Arundel Community College Center for the Study of Local Issues survey.
    Seventy-one percent of 510 respondents support the creation of a low-cost spaying and neutering program. How it was paid for was up for debate. Adding a penny or two to the price of dog food had the most votes and 23 percent of the supporters. The least popular idea was to add a dollar or two to your state income tax, with only 13 percent voting for another new tax.
    Respondents weren’t so like-minded on whom they would vote for president. Forty-seven percent said that if the election were today they would vote for Republican challenger Mitt Romney, while 42 percent chose President Barack Obama.
    The Study of Local Issues surveys the county twice a year to teach students about civic engagement and to learn what the community is thinking.
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