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Time’s End? Or a New Cycle’s Beginning?

If you’re nervous about numbers, the combination coming up this week could give you quite a scare. So portentous is this once-a-century triple 12 that it might — or might not — coincide with the end of the world.
    Or was it 122112 when time stopped on the Mayan calendar?
    Cross-cultural shaman Paul Sivert of The Shamanic Healing Institute in Savage, Maryland, puts a more positive slant on that coincidence of numbers.
    “Mayans and other experts have known for a long time that the calendar, time and the world doesn’t end,” Sivert says. “It simply begins a new cycle.”
    On 121212, Sivert and a cadre of shamans and healers put their belief into action, “honoring the past and embracing new life” in an Activation Ceremony with a despacho and fire. Want to join in? Learn more at; 301-362-2221.