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Letter from the Editor (All)

Find a couple dozen ways in this week’s paper 

      The older I get, the more interested I get in history. You too?
      Perhaps history seems more relevant the more you’re part of it.
      Some of joining history is accidental. Things keep happening on your watch, even if you’re not watching very closely, that sweep you up.

Bay Weekly’s annual Home & Garden Guide to all of us itching to get things done

      Spring 2018 has made us play a waiting game.

They’re holding us elders accountable

       Generation by generation, civilization by civilization, kids have tested the faith of their elders. How safe can the world be in the hands of longhairs and fades, pink-hairs and Mohawks, Gen-Xers, Millennials and iGeners?
      In our time, we elders are testing the faith of our children and grandchildren.

Here’s how Chesapeake Country welcomes the season

      This spring has an Alice in Wonderland quality, appearing briefly — then disappearing down windy tunnels so long we wonder if it will ever pop out again. As far as meteorological spring goes, March has been a bust, giving us none of the warm welcome of a January day in the 60s or a brief February heat wave.

For another wonderful week in the neighborhood

       The news that Tom Hanks is making a movie about Mr. Rogers sent me traveling back to my days in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, where the Presbyterian minister preached the gospel of community. A young mother, I was as enchanted with the friendly television show as the infant fast growing into a toddler Mr. Rogers helped me entertain.

Camp Guide will make you wish life imitated camp

       Reader, you, like me, are probably too old to go to the camps featured in our March 1 Early Bird Camp Guide. Your kids or grandkids probably aren’t, so their summer futures give you reason for reading. There are other good reasons, I promise you.
       Camps thrive — and make good armchair reading — because they take us outside our day-to-day experience.

Mild weather, good stories, holidays and commemorations 

       A few weeks back, I spoke disrespectfully of February as my least favorite month ( I take it back.
       How can I speak ill of a 63-degree February morning, especially when the reversal of those numbers would have seemed a blessing of warmth on many a morning in January?

Richard Edwin Wilson, December 16, 1931-February 11, 2018 

      For nine of Bay Weekly’s 25 years, from 2003 until 2012, Dick Wilson had local thespians praying for his approval. Theater-going readers trusted him as their judge. His applause helped fill houses, and his boos (and rare hisses) not only hurt egos but also dampened sales.

When, where or how, love takes stepping outside your comfort zone

       When is the adverb director Rob Reiner and crew settled on for the legendary (and now ancient) rom-com When Harry Met Sally … . Success is its own reward, so we follow that catchy precedent in this year’s Valentine’s story about finding love.

Just in time to see us through to spring

      The restaurants of Chesapeake Country are keeping my spirits up for February, which, were it not for its brevity, would be my least favorite month of the year, despite Groundhog Day’s tragi-comic good news that winter is half over.