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Letter from the Editor (All)

All that and more this issue in Bay Weekly

       As the year turns, here we are in stepping-out season, when the young among us leave their nests. You can take that as a metaphor or as fact. 
       Generations of baby songbirds are already fledging, accounting for the increased volume of birdsong filling the air. Listen, and you’ll hear it.

Take a pledge to break a bad plastics habit

      Taking the straw is a hard habit to break. I’m all for it morally and intellectually. Then opportunity arises, and the serious business of what to order to drink and eat pushes my resolve into the pale of forgetfulness. With the arrival of my drink — even water — plus straw, I remember — but by then it’s too late....

Blooming May invites us into nature

     About May Baskets, I am full of opinions.

That’s a drive sweeping Chesapeake Country

      In the pantheon of nature religions, Chesapeake Bay would be a god. This big Bay gives this place its weather. Its rivers and creeks infiltrate the land, giving it shape and culture. 
      God Chesapeake nourishes thousands of species, maybe more, that make their lives in the water. It draws flocks of species of the air, and migrations of species of the land.

1,271 is this week’s magic number

       We’ve done this 1,271 times.
       That’s the clearest measure I can give of what we’ve achieved in the 25 years since our first paper, then called New Bay Times, hit the streets on Thursday, April 22, 1993, the 23rd Earth Day.

How government works for us in Maryland

       It’s easy to be cynical about government.

Find a couple dozen ways in this week’s paper 

      The older I get, the more interested I get in history. You too?
      Perhaps history seems more relevant the more you’re part of it.
      Some of joining history is accidental. Things keep happening on your watch, even if you’re not watching very closely, that sweep you up.

Bay Weekly’s annual Home & Garden Guide to all of us itching to get things done

      Spring 2018 has made us play a waiting game.

They’re holding us elders accountable

       Generation by generation, civilization by civilization, kids have tested the faith of their elders. How safe can the world be in the hands of longhairs and fades, pink-hairs and Mohawks, Gen-Xers, Millennials and iGeners?
      In our time, we elders are testing the faith of our children and grandchildren.

Here’s how Chesapeake Country welcomes the season

      This spring has an Alice in Wonderland quality, appearing briefly — then disappearing down windy tunnels so long we wonder if it will ever pop out again. As far as meteorological spring goes, March has been a bust, giving us none of the warm welcome of a January day in the 60s or a brief February heat wave.