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What’s Going Where?

It’s all online in Calvert County

In old-fashioned walk-around communities, construction projects were everybody’s business. In these times of zipping past in cars, who knows what’s going and coming?
    In Calvert County, you can find out online. What’s Going Where lets you track commercial projects county wide. You can search by postal Zip Code or review a list of projects completed in the last 12 months.
    “This interactive map allows us to monitor and help businesses as well as share a visual snapshot of what is going where,” says Linda Vassallo, director of the Calvert County Department of Economic Development.
    What’s Going Where is the latest in Calvert’s larger set of interactive GIS maps documenting county life present and past. You can find a park, playground or pool in today’s Calvert — or explore the changes in the county’s landscape over the past century.
    All are interactive and mobile-friendly with free downloads.