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Why Is Earth Day Also Bay Weekly’s ­Birthday?

Why did a paper on the ins and outs of Chesapeake Country choose Earth Day as its birthday?
    In 1993, in the first issue of the paper (born as New Bay Times), an editorial that served as a welcome letter and introduction explained that the new paper would focus on the environmental issues facing the area and also celebrate and explore the unique ecosystem and region that we are lucky to call home.
    “We want to create something new. In these pages starting today, New Bay Times will explore how we of the Chesapeake Bay can live as best as we can in a smart, sustainable way,” the inaugural issue explained.
    New Bay Times became New Bay Times Weekly, then Bay Weekly while remaining true to that mission by following the challenges and triumphs of the region.
    Over the years, you’ve read thousands of stories that highlight sustainability and celebrate life along Chesapeake Bay. Twenty-three years and 1,167 issues later, Bay Weekly is still living up to its fledgling promise: “Our concern, as we will prove and you will see, is the quality and richness of life along the Bay.”

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