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It’s Just a Click Away

Water Trail map directs you to the treasures of the Magothy

Paddling in the digital age comes with a new set of advantages. Now, when setting out for an adventure on the Magothy River, paddlers can use an online trail map of 30 points of interest plus nine “hidden gems.”
    The digital water trail map links you to 17 videos of the river’s creeks and coves and suggests what to see and how to navigate through those waterways. Many coves are hard to find unless you know where to enter.
    A chart on the map shows distances from one point to another. The map also shows marinas and the two public parks from which kayaks can be launched, Beachwood Park and Spriggs Farm.
    On June 12 at 12:30pm, Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh joins the Magothy River Association for a ribbon-cutting at Spriggs Farm Park in Arnold. Kayakers then lead a guided trip to explore highlights along the trail.
    The water trail map ties in to the Association’s Living History project, a growing collection of stories and photos shared by long-time residents of the Magothy River watershed.
    Among the videos are Sybil Looper Chandler’s story of the home she built on Broad Creek in the 1950s and Scott Jay’s story of Severna Park life from the 1930s through the ’50s.
    “Our goal in creating this innovative water trail map is to create new stewards of the river by enabling them to explore the hidden coves and creeks of the Magothy and discover its beauty,” says president Paul Spadaro. “Our hope is that the stewards will protect our river now and in the future.”

Find the Magothy River Water Trail map at trail.