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Goodbye Summer, Hello School

You remember those days, the excitement — or terror — a new school year brings, mixed with the sorrow of letting go of summer.
    It’s a story each of us shares and each generation repeats. Yet each person’s story enriches the theme with delicious detail.
    As the 2013 school year begins, we’ve asked 12 kids (and one surprise returnee) — kindergarten through 12th grade — for their views.
    We’ve caught our back-to-schoolers as catch can, in public, private, charter and home schools through Anne Arundel and Calvert counties.


Lily Mobley, 5: South Shore Elementary, Crownsville
    I’m excited about making new friends. I have one friend who will be there, too. I’m excited about drawing. But I’ll miss swimming and the pool.
    –Heidi Schmidt

First Grade

Femi Oluwaseyi Omosanya Jr., almost 6: Georgetown East, Annapolis
    I have a new blue backpack and I like it. I will learn a lot of stuff in first grade, and when the teacher talks, I don’t talk. My teacher is Miss Radke. I had her last year. We do journal writing and lunch and recess. It’s fun. I like to read books about racecars, transformers and Curious George. I don’t like it when people bother me. But I have friends I play with at recess.
    –Dotty Holcomb Doherty

Second Grade

Ian Dabrowka, almost 8: Eagle Cove School, Pasadena
    I wish summer lasted longer, but I am looking forward to going back to school and seeing my old friends and getting some new ones! I am not looking forward to seeing the bully at my school, though.
    I will be sad and miss my trips this summer to Deep Creek, Massachusetts and Illinois. But at least I can still swim and ride my bike once school starts!
    –Heather Boughey

Third Grade

Emma Taylor, 7: Crofton Woods
Elementary, Crofton
    It’s fun to go school shopping. I like getting Justin Bieber folders. I used to really like him; now I just like him. I am excited to see my friends at school. I hope my friends are in my class. I like science because we learn about bubbles and we even ate bugs. It was weird. I’m excited about school.
    –Andrew Wildermuth

Fourth Grade

Grace Strong, 9: Tracy’s Elementary
    I am enjoying my summer, but I do miss spending time with my friends at lunchtime. I am excited about science class and I hope we get to do a lot of experiments. Last year in music class we could learn string instruments, so I learned the violin. This year we can join band class. I haven’t decided which instrument to play yet, but I am sure it will be a fun one.
    –Zaid Mohammad

Fifth Grade

Ian Edward Flaherty, 10: Home-schooled in Calvert County by his parents, both at home and at his mother’s Tynewydd riding school.
    My favorite subjects are horses and baseball. I don’t have a least favorite, but I don’t like writing. I go for regular baseball practice now but I can ride all year. I help my mother in the stable; not cleaning the stalls, that she does.
    My favorite horse is Teddy. I would rather ride than do school work.
    –Elisavietta Ritchie