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From Your Garden

Doug Sisk’s Towering Tomatoes

Those plants that are taller than me were all volunteers sewn by last year’s plants.
    They say hybrid plants might not be as strong as their parents, but I’ve had pretty good luck. The UPS driver wanted to know if I got my topsoil from Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. I think it’s just the right amount of sun and shade per day, but if other farmers want to know, I rotilled one bag of 10-10-10 soil conditioner into my 25-by-25 garden plot on an 80-degree day in February. That was it. No fertilizer or pesticides.
    I grew way too many, enough to feed all my friends and neighbors. I like to to put a  little bag of vegetables on their front porch.
    Now the garden has peaked, and I’ve replanted a fall crop of beans, cucumbers and a bunch of spinach and kale I hope to have way into the fall.
    –Doug Sisk, Holland Point

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