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Crossing the Bridge

It takes heart to run the MRE 0.05K, but the cause is good

Proceeds from the MRE .05K will go to help St. Mary’s High School junior Sarah ­McMahon in her fight against AML — Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

It needn’t have been this way.    
    But when the overlords of Annapolis rendered the Eastport Bridge useless in 1998, the good people of Eastport were in a quandary. That was the occasion for the cannon shot heard ’round the upper reaches of Spa Creek. Revolution was at hand.
    Once relations between the two forces had been restored and Eastport commerce saved, the newly formed Maritime Republic of Eastport created an extreme test of athletic competition to celebrate the peace. What happened next is the stuff of legend: The race was born.
    Beginning at the westernmost edge of the approach to the bridge (at what is called the Annapolis Yacht Club), the field of entrants runs (or lopes, or strolls) across the span and to the finish at the easternmost edge.
    As is their custom, the Maritime Republic of Eastport donates the proceeds to a worthwhile cause. This year, we chose a worthwhile person: St. Mary’s High School junior Sarah McMahon. Sarah is fighting a rare form of leukemia, known as AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). She and her parents, Debbie and Dan McMahon, are expected to be at the race.
    The 15th Bridge Run takes place on Saturday, May 19. Registration begins at 10am in the Fleet Street parking lot. For the fee of $20, each entrant receives a T-shirt. The race begins at noon. It concludes about 35 seconds later.