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Fall Back into ­Gardening

Give new plants a head start

Plant fall-blooming camellias, rhododendron, kalmia and more. Or look for screening selections, such as cherry laurel, skip laurel, photinia and arborvitae.
    Seed now to give seedlings time to establish during these cool fall temperatures, which are optimum for root growth. For a beautiful lawn, use Homestead Garden’s own premium tall fescue blend.
    When reseeding, use Scotts Turf Builder lawn soil to get your seeds off to a strong start leading to a healthier lawn next year.
    September 28 kicks off Homestead Gardens’ annual Fall Festival in Davidsonville. This year’s Homestead Barnyard has all the sights, sounds and smells of a real barnyard, with goats, chickens, miniature donkeys and the return of the llamas. You’ll find all the games and activities that have made Homestead Gardens a destination for families for over 30 years. Weekends through October 27, 11am to 4pm.

Homestead Gardens:
Davidsonville: 410-798-5000; 800-300-5631
Severna Park: 410-384-7966