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Electrical System Working ­Safely and Efficiently?

Three things you can do

1. Check your smoke detectors
    The batteries in your smoke detectors should be replaced every six months. It’s also important to make sure that interconnected systems function properly. Press the test button on any of the smoke detectors in your home and verify that all of the other detectors ring, too.

2. Check your GFI receptacles
    To verify that GFI receptacles are still providing the proper protection, depress the TEST button. If the receptacle is in good working order, the RESET button will pop out. If it does, simply depress the RESET button again.
    If the TEST button doesn’t click and cause the RESET button to pop out, call a professional to troubleshoot the receptacle. It may be time to replace it.

3. Check your electric panel
    Look for tripped breakers. Breaker box connections can loosen over time, causing arcing and heat buildup, which can cause the breaker to trip. A professional can easily check this with an infrared scanner. If any heat is detected, there are loose connections.

–Jim Cox, Colonial Electric Co.