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A Toast to a Small World with Greenville Pale Ale

New and seasonal favorites bring flavor to spring

I grew up in a bucolic part of northern Delaware near the Brandywine River Valley, dubbed Chateau Country for its lush countryside riddled with duPont estates, rolling hills and horse farms. Greenville is the town center, just down the road from Nemours and Hagley Museum, the estate and gunpowder mill that was the beginning of the duPont dynasty. My father’s family has been part of the community for many generations, though we plowed a different path than the duPonts. My great-grandfather was a blacksmith, whose shop was just up the hill from my grandparents’ bluestone granite home, which is down the hill from my parents’ home. My grandmother’s family raised chickens and owned the stone quarry.
    I share this background as part of a small-world moment.
    A caller to Bay Weekly sought to promote his brewery’s expansion to the Eastern Shore. On Wednesday, April 17 (5-7pm), Twin Lakes Brewing Company hosts a launch party at Doc’s Riverside Grille in Centreville. The plan is to move into the Annapolis market in the next year.
    The brewery, founded in 2006, prides itself on its “steam-fired, solar-powered, gravity-fed” process for making “unfiltered, unpasteurized, all-natural beer.” The secret ingredient lies underground, in springwater fed by aquifers known as the Washington Well.
    The brewery itself is in Greenville, Delaware.
    Ahha! I said to Twin Lakes founder Sam Hobbs, who lives at the farm and is the grandson of a man for whom my father worked for many years. The namesake Twin Lakes are the same lakes I skated on as a child.
    I hope to make it to the party, popping my first can of Greenville Pale Ale and pondering life’s synchronicities.

Anne Arundel Welcomes Back Seasonal Favorites
    Meanwhile, here on the Western Shore, with the sunshine and warmer temps, we welcome back two seasonal favorites: Anne Arundel County Farmers Market at Riva Road and the Crab Deck at Phillips Seafood at City Dock.
    The Saturday morning Farmers Market at Riva Road (7am-noon) officially opened last weekend. The early-season market draws 30 sellers (capacity is 44), providing a variety of bedding plants and vegetables. Ready to eat are seasonal veggies such as lettuce, herbs, spinach and other greens plus baked goods and pottery. New this year is P.A. Bowen Farmstead of Aquasco, selling cheese, chicken and eggs plus pork and beef. Don’t expect our first fruit of the season, strawberries, until mid-May. They’re later than usual due to the cold.
    Legendary Phillips has also reopened for the season. The 98-seat covered crab deck started steaming crabs last weekend. Enjoy the fresh air and views of Ego Alley while slurping fresh-shucked regional oysters from the raw bar, picking crabs (by the half and full dozen) and sipping Phillips Amber Ale, a craft beer. It’s the Bay way.

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