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This Week’s Creature Feature ... Leap into Conservation

Get to know local amphibians

This year’s elongated February marked a different sort of Leap Year. FrogWatch USA joined with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for an amphibious census.
    With nearly one-third of known amphibious species thought to be in danger of extinction, FrogWatch USA is hopping mad.
    You can help combat species endangerment and extinction in several ways.
    One, report the calls of local frogs and toads to help FrogWatch keep track of amphibious populations throughout the nation.
    You train in a local FrogWatch USA Chapter — hosted by zoos, aquariums, and conservation organizations nationwide — then monitor a site for three minutes at least twice a week throughout the breeding season, from Leap Day to the end of summer.
    Two, join a chapter of FrogWatch to learn about wetlands, the essential role amphibians play in controlling bug populations and how you can help bolster the population of amphibians in your area. We’re low on chapters in Chesapeake Country. The closest is Howard County Department of Recreation & Parks in Ellicott City. Good reason to start one in your area.
    What are you waiting for? Hop to!
    Join FrogWatch USA at