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On Valentine’s Day, Dogs Shove Cupid off Center Stage

Dogs had a big day on Valentine’s.
     At Madison Square Garden in New York, 2,000 dogs strutted their stuff in the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, won by a silky haired Pekingese as nearly 7.5 million people watched on television over two days.
    The audience was smaller but contact with the stars closer in Solomons. On Valentine’s Day at Annmarie Garden, 10 school kids cuddled with 11-day-old beagle puppies on a break at the Art With Heart class. The puppies were brought for cuddling by Calvert Animal Welfare League dog trainer Erin Jones. These babies, and the other animals awaiting homes at Calvert Animal Welfare League, will play with toys made by the kids in the crafts program.
    The pups aren’t ready for adoption yet, but many other animals are. Volunteers are also needed to help the league care for, cuddle and foster homeless animals: