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Onyx & Gizmo on the Farm

Guess who’s the top dog?

When you stop by Will & Veronica’s produce stand in Owings, you’ll likely be greeted by Onyx and Gizmo. Onyx is a five-year-old, 115-pound male German shepherd/husky mix. Gizmo is a 10-year-old, three-and-a-half-pound male Chihuahua.
    A few friendly sniffs hello and they’ll be on their way again, hard at work chasing bees and flies, herding pigs, napping in the sunshine or hitching a ride on the golf cart.
    “Onyx is the co-pilot when we pick up corn from Swann’s Farm,” said farmer Bob Loveless. “He’ll fight you tooth and nail for a ride in the truck.
    “Little Gizmo is our official greeter and the alpha male,” said Veronica Loveless, Bob’s daughter and Gizmo’s mom. “He’s very calm, and his favorite hobbies are napping and sunbathing.”