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Name That Baby

What shall Maryland Therapeutic Riding call this blue-eyed filly?

The stork visited Maryland Therapeutic Riding in Crownsville on April 30. A blue-eyed pinto mini filly — the smallest and youngest member of the farm’s herd — needs a name. The birth was a surprise; her mother Beauty was plump when purchased, but vets and staff alike believed all she needed was a diet.
    Maryland Therapeutic Riding uses the healing and therapeutic power of horses to improve the balance, strength, muscle tone, self-image, self-confidence and quality of life for people with special needs.
    To vote for one of 13 names — from Beauty’s Surprise to Minnie Mini to Beanie Baby — make a gift of $25. Vote as often as you want. But hurry. All votes must be entered by noon on August 11:
    The winning baby’s name will be announced on August 13.