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The Cat Companion

Cullen Hunter knows firsthand how to help the furry paws at Calvert Animal Welfare League

What ingredients does it take to make a valuable volunteer for cats waiting for their forever home?
    Cullen Hunter, 19, and his grandfather Robert Sigona — both of Dunkirk — know firsthand how to help out the hundreds of furry paws at Calvert Animal Welfare League.
    Hunter started volunteering to earn his required 75 service hours at Huntingtown High School. He graduated last year but stayed on at CAWL, logging in hundreds of hours keeping cats company.
    For three years he has worked Thursday and Friday afternoons alongside his grandfather at the shelter.
    Hunter occasionally feeds the cats, often cleans litter boxes and always plays with them.
    Flashing laser beams for kittens to chase is his favorite game — and for the cats.
    “I enjoy playing with them and making them happy,” said Hunter. “My favorite girl is Casey. She’s been at the Animal Welfare League a long time and has grown on me.”