10 Doggone Great Films

Cinema worth barking about

I’m the Movie­goer’s favorite companion for movie night, so she enlisted me to to recommend the 10 best movies of the animal kingdom. Enjoy!
–Boss, the Cinema Collie

10. The Rescuers Down Under
1990 • G • 77 mins.
The rare case of a sequel that is superior to the original, The Rescuers Down Under chronicles the continuing adventures of Bianca and Bernard, brave mouse agents of the Rescue Aid Society. The mice must save an Australian boy kidnapped because he knows the location of a rare golden eagle. The film offers hilarious voice acting, beautiful hand-drawn animation and a powerful message about conservationism.

9. Blackfish
2013 • PG-13 • 83 mins.
Before you buy a ticket to a marine theme park, watch this harrowing documentary about the treatment of orcas at SeaWorld and how captivity drives these beautiful creatures to insanity and violence.

8. Chicken Run
2000 • G • 84 mins.
When the chicken farm converts from harvesting eggs to harvesting chickens for potpies, feisty fowl Ginger decides it’s time to fly the coop with the help of a rooster who claims he can fly. Featuring beautiful clay­mation from Aardman Studios and a fantastic feathered female protagonist, Chicken Run may end your appetite for poultry.

7. The Black Stallion
1979 • G • 118 mins.
A boy is shipwrecked on a desert island, with a majestic black stallion as his only company. Soon the duo bond and when rescued, decide to become a racing team. With gorgeous cinematography and a simple story of a boy and his horse, The Black Stallion will make you long for an open stretch of beach and a horse to race along the sand.

6. Willard
1971 • PG • 95 mins.
The only friends awkward Willard can make are vermin. When cruel co-workers plot his expulsion from his family’s company, Willard enlists his rat friends to exact revenge. Not exactly a soft and fluffy movie, Willard is a horror flick that offers a great example of the bond that can be formed between humans and animals. Just don’t use your furry friends for murder.

5. Homeward Bound the Incredible Journey
1993 • G • 84 mins.
A wise old dog, a sarcastic cat and a brash puppy orchestrate a jailbreak out of a kennel and trek across the country to find their family. Featuring some amazing animal acting and top notch voice-work from Sally Field, Michael J. Fox and Dom Ameche, this film is guaranteed to make you sob as the three intrepid pets return home.

4. Born Free
1966 • PG • 95 mins.
When game warden George Adamson finds an abandoned lion cub in the Kenyan bush, he brings her home. Years later, the Adamsons realize that they must release the now-fully grown Elsa back into the wild. A true story about the bond between humans and animals as well as our responsibility to nature, Born Free will make you want to donate to the WWF.

3. Finding Nemo
2003 • G • 100 mins.
Somewhere, beyond the sea, a little fish with a deformed fin fights to prove to his father, Marlin, that he can be independent. When the little fish is captured by a diver, Marlin traverses the ocean to find his son. A story of fatherly devotion, disability bias and adventure, Finding Nemo will make viewers of all ages want to visit the aquarium.

2. Babe
1995 • G • 89 mins.
When a puppy-less border collie decides to adopt orphaned piglet Babe on Hoggett Farm, she trains him in the ways of herding. Now an experienced herder, Babe must convince Farmer Hoggett of his abilities to save his bacon. A great family movie that encourages you to follow your dreams, no matter your species.

1. Lassie Come Home
1943 • G • 89 mins.
A devoted collie traverses the British isle in a desperate attempt to find the boy she loves. A touching movie about the depths of a dog’s devotion, Lassie Come Home is a classic family film and stars the best looking animal actor ever put on screen.