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Your Say: April 25-May 1, 2019

Happy Birthday!
      We have enjoyed your newspaper for the past 26 years of local news, advertising, human interest stories and out-door activities. I get a chuckle out of News of the Weird.
     The layout and printing of Bay Weekly are superbly done.
–Henry and Bobbie Lauderdale, Riva
Thinking Again about Medical Cannabis
Re: The Taming of Demon Weed: How medical marijuana got to be a legal Bay Weekly story: April 4, 2019:
      Just read your April 4 Editor’s Letter re: medical marijuana. I appreciate your honesty; look forward to reading more in future. Taking away negative preconceived notions is my hope for myself in 2019. You have assisted. Thank you.
–Angela Allen, by email
Appreciating Poetry
Re: Slow Down with a Good Poem: a Bay Weekly Conversation with Poets Laureate Grace Cavalieri and Temple Cone, April 11, 2019,
And Poets and Artists Pair for Poetry Month: See the results at CalvART Gallery and Wimsey Cove: ­
      Many thanks from a tall, bald Bay Weekly reader in Upper Marlboro for featuring two of our poetry treasures — Grace Cavalieri and Temple Cone — in the April 11 issue. Both do a great job in the article, with good prompts from the interviewer, exploring the powerfully positive mystery of poetry.
        And, as you and your staff have a chance, you may wish to visit the two upcoming poetry-art collaboratives that are mentioned in this April 11 issue. We just grinningly celebrated the opening of Vision of Verses at CalvArt, and there was a buzz there about the upcoming Poetry of Pictures show.
      All said, keep going! And know that the poetry and art communities in the area are very grateful.
–Hiram Larew, Upper Marlboro
Editor’s note: We look forward to Annapolis Art Alliance’s Poetry of Pictures reading and reception Sunday, April 28 (1-4pm) and followed our own lead to CalvART Vision of Verses opening reception (see the next letter).
       Thank you for coming to CalvArt’s big do and for the poetry issue that everyone was talking about.
–Elisavietta Ritchie, Solomons
One More Step Away from Tobacco
      After several years of trying, the Maryland General Assembly has passed legislation to raise the age for the purchase of tobacco and vaping products to 21 years. This is one of the most important pieces of health legislation ever passed by the General Assembly.
      This legislation will prevent thousands of our youngsters from acquiring these harmful products, help alleviate the vaping epidemic currently taking place in our schools and eventually save many lives.
     On behalf of the Maryland Group Against Smoker’s Pollution (MDGASP), I thank Del. Dereck Davis and Sen. Delores Kelley, who were the prime sponsors of this legislation. We also thank the General Assembly Black Caucus for their endorsement and positive effort in passing this legislation.
–John O’ Hara: President, Maryland Group Against Smoker’s Pollution
Re: What’s Your Recycling IQ: April 18, 2019, ­
      York Peppermint Patties are no longer packaged in recyclable foil wrapping but in the typical non-recyclable candy wrapper used by most manufacturers. So if your York Peppermint Pattie is fresh, its package is trash.
      Anne Arundel County’s recycling amounts to about 65,000 tons per year, plus (not including) 22,000 tons of yard waste. 
     In Calvert County, yard debris is accepted only at the Appeal Landfill, not at the convenience centers, and is charged by weight. Christmas trees recycled in the month of January are the only exception.