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Readers Reflect: Tribute to Pat Carpenter

    We love your newspaper here in North Beach. Could you put this tribute to Pat Carpenter, who died March 2, in your paper?

    I feel like I’ve know Pat all my life, and that’s not so. The day I met Bob and Pat Carpenter, I instantly fell in love with them; they are like a ray of sunshine. They made my day every time I saw them. Pat was always so very positive in every endeavor, always thinking ahead for what’s good for Chesapeake Beach and North Beach.
    Last year’s topic for the Maryland Municipal League was working together today for a successful tomorrow, and that was Pat. I loved working with her because we are on the same page. From the beginning of Chesapeake Beach to the end of North Beach, there is no better place to be in America, and Pat helped make it that way.
    The best way to honor Pat, I think would be to remember every day the greatness she had in her heart and apply it to our daily routine. Say a prayer, give someone a big hug, tell someone you love them, smile and make them laugh. Pat would love this because that is who she was.
    We all will miss her every day, but just remember, she has her clipboard and is already planning a big parade with the angels.

–Sally Donaldson, President: North Beach House and Garden Club