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Outraged by the Death of Olive Osprey

I was stunned by the article [Sept. 22] reporting that Olive had been murdered. I appreciate being informed even though it was disturbing news. I attended a Chamber of Commerce cruise in late spring and picked up a business card that I shared enthusiastically with others, saying, Look, this bird has her own business card!
    I am sorry, but 10- and 14-year-olds know better than to shoot a bird off her nest for any reason. That is not hunting. It’s just massacre. Those boys had even heard of the story and knew this bird was special to some people. From what I read, this situation was no different than walking up on someone’s porch and shooting their cat point-blank. We all know that would not be accepted. Hopefully Anne Arundel County may be taking action that we are not informed of.
    –Mike Mullican, Churchton

    It was with great sadness that I read about Olive’s untimely death brought about at the hands of two young boys with a gun, who had the audacity to trespass. The osprey are protected by law, and anyone harming them should be punished. So why did the Anne Arundel Circuit Court drop the charges? What are the courts thinking? If the boys got away with this, what next, and who is going to pay the fine?
    In my opinion, we need the judicial system overhauled.
    –Eyel De Laney, Southern Anne Arundel County

    I just joined your online site after reading about the osprey Olive. I was wondering if you could give me any information about who and how I can contact regarding the outcome of the boy’s charges. I’m outraged as well as sad that this happened and that there is absolutely no accountability. I’d like to learn more.
    –Lisa Kidwell, via e-mail

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I was very sad to hear that Olive died brutally at the hands of two kids. I for one think that children should not be allowed to have any type of gun without parental guidance. I think that the PARENTS and the kids should be help accountable for this reprehensible act. While I am not a big fan of hunting, I support the rights of people to own guns (for self defense and hunting). I can not believe Anne Arundle Circuit court dropped the charges. What kind of message does send to these kids? That its OK to shoot at defenseless animals? Animal cruelty is animal cruelty. These children obviously have little moral character and have not been TAUGHT right from wrong. There is a significant correlation between childhood animal abuse and crimes such as rape, robbery, murder, sexual homicide, domestic abuse, as adults. Where will these kids be 10, 20, or 30 years from now? The circuit court had the opportunity to teach these kids a moral lesson but didn't. One night in county jail would hopefully scare them straight.