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A Flowering Partnership

Bowie Garden Club and Library

    Invited by Bowie Library to fill 18 empty planters that adorn the parking lot near the entrance to the library on Annapolis Road, the Bowie-Crofton Garden Club held a planting party.
    Patuxent Nursery donated the plants. On an absolutely wonderful day for planting, Garden Club members Marsha Salzberg, Rich Buller, Susan Livera, Jackie Streeks, Bob and Joan Walker, Linda Snow, Barbara Eberstein and Jessie Smith set to organizing them.
    We planted a mixture of perennial herbs (although we did slip in a few annuals) and black-eyed Susans, our state flower. One of the planters pays homage to the song, Scarborough Fair with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Once established, the plants will be drought-tolerant, and water, when needed, will be provided by the Bowie Library.
    We are hoping that people going to the library will smell the wonderful herbs, enjoy them and educate themselves.

–Marsha Salzberg, Bowie Garden Club Library Planting Committee Chair