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$25 to Plunge

Why Must There Always Be a Price Tag?

I’ve been waiting for the day that the town of North Beach sticks its greedy hand out to charge fun-loving people the privilege to run into the frigid Bay. Even though I have never (and will never) run into the cold water, I’ve enjoyed watching the antics of New Year’s revelers plunging in for the fun of it. And that’s the point: For the fun of it. Now it’s for charity. Why can’t something be done for fun? Why must there always be a price tag? I understand that it’s for the Boys and Girls Club, but $25 to run into a mass of water that’s for all of us to enjoy? Come on! I say everyone boycott the plunge until it is once again a fun, free-for-all. Emphasize the free.

–Allen Delaney, Prince Frederick

Editor's Note: Pay $25 only if you want a T-shirt and certificate. Don’t want that, plunge for free.