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Fashion Delivers $135,000 for ­Chesapeake Kids

      A high-spirited crowd of 350 had a lot of fun and raised a lot of money during the 11th annual Fashion for a Cause, bringing in nearly $135,000 for Chesapeake kids. Held June 6 at Porsche Annapolis, the annual event raises funds and awareness for the Hospice of the Chesapeake program that supports children living with and affected by advanced illness and loss.


Grateful for Milkweed Seeds 

     Thanks to Helena Scher for your generosity in sharing your milkweed seeds.

     We have lots of land. Some years we have lots of butterflies, but others not so many. From what I’ve read, milkweed seeds are one of the best answers. 


Wounded Warrior Wins Don Backe Memorial CRAB Regatta


Maryland Real ID: Poorly Conceived and Complicated


     Relative to the new rigorously enforced Maryland Real ID drivers license requirements:

     This is a poorly conceived and complicated process. I have a PhD and have worked for 40 years in my science profession. I completed all the boxes, assembled the documents and scheduled an appointment at Loveville in St Mary’s County for 12:30 on June 25.

Asbury Mardi Gras Raises Funds for Calvert Hospice
Pleased Readers
Re: Appreciation — Michael Erin Busch; He’ll always remind me of when …
       I read the article written by Steve Carr about Mike Bush in the April 11 edition. I want to compliment him on a very nice article. 
Happy Birthday!
      We have enjoyed your newspaper for the past 26 years of local news, advertising, human interest stories and out-door activities. I get a chuckle out of News of the Weird.
     The layout and printing of Bay Weekly are superbly done.
–Henry and Bobbie Lauderdale, Riva
Praise for Wayne Bierbaum’s Creature Feature
     I especially enjoy Wayne Bierbaum’s photos and column on nature. If he retires from medicine, he’d make a fine full-time teacher or writer or photographer — or all the above.
–Dave Banner, West River
Murdock Did It His Way
Re: An Annapolitan’s ­Skeleton Revealed in New Book, 
March 14, 2019 —
Thanks for Helping Get the Word Out
      Thanks for all you do for our shared Bay and environment, including publishing Kathy Knotts’ excellent story on our Anne Arundel County Trust for Preservation Maryland History lecture at St. John’s College discussing climate change and the Chesapeake.