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Lisa Scottoline Investigates Annapolis

Meet her at Barnes & Noble

Fans of award-winning author Lisa Scottoline have a treat this week. She’s coming to Annapolis for a reading and signing of her latest book, Accused.
    Accused is another installment in the series of legal thrillers featuring Mary DiNunzio, an attorney at the all-women Rosato & Associates in Philadelphia. Followers of the series expect Mary to be drawn into situations that put her in danger. Smart and impetuous, she’s likely to act without considering the consequences. Through a variety of adventures, she stays committed to finding the truth. In the end, she manages to bring justice to those who deserve it.
    The characters in Scottoline’s books are believable and likeable. Mary Di­Nunzio grew up in an Italian family in an ethnic neighborhood in Philadelphia. We get an authentic impression of this life in Mary’s close ties with her family and in their down-to-earth conversations. As she strives to achieve success on a career path far from her family’s, she nevertheless keeps in close touch with parents, relatives and friends from the neighborhood. More conflict arises as friends and relatives warn her not to take chances or to delve too far into dangerous territory.
    Scottoline is also comfortable depicting the daily routines of Rosato & Associates. No wonder. She’s a graduate of University of Pennsylvania Law School.
    Like DiNunzio, Scottoline veered to a different career path. This New York Times bestselling author won an Edgar Award for mystery writing, and is also a prolific writer of other books, stories and newspaper columns.
    Scottoline is a writer worth meeting, whether you’re a fan or a reader seeking new adventures: Friday November 1 at 7pm at Barnes & Noble, Annapolis Harbour Center.