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Go Clean, Sexy You, by Lisa Consiglio Ryan

Part diet book, part motivational self-help

After years of dieting and illnesses, Annapolitan Lisa Consiglio Ryan brought her body back in balance with health coaching and a new diet of plant-based, gluten-free meals.
    A former educator, Ryan is now a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and has created her own company, Whole Health Designs. Go Clean is the result of her advice and guidance to clients. Part diet book, part motivational self-help, Go Clean offers recipes and shopping tips for every season.
    We love her suggestions for ­seasonal eating, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet and cutting out sugar and caffeine. But be forewarned: This way of eating requires good planning, extra time for prep work, possibly extra time tracking down certain ingredients and a larger grocery budget. If your budget is tight, Ryan suggests (and we concur) that you go organic only for items on the Dirty Dozen list.
    Meet Ryan at Whole Foods, Annapolis, to learn basic steps to effective meal planning and discover a system that works for you, plus how to build healthy snacks to fuel: January 19, 6-7:30pm, $10, Whole Foods, Annapolis.