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Books Fit for Halloween

Haunted Annapolis: Ghosts of the Capital City

reviewed by Sandra Olivetti Martin

We are not alone. Other feet have stood in the spot our lively toes now wiggle. Other lives have occupied the place we now call home. Historians may strain an ear to hear reverberations of their passing; most of us are deaf. Until Halloween, when their calls stir the air around us, raising our hackles.
    Mike Carter and Julia Dray listen all year long. They are career historians of the ghosts of Annapolis. The ghastly pull on Carter was so strong that he tracked the spirits to their homes and tragedies. In 2002, he founded Annapolis Ghost Tours to lead chill-seekers into their presence on walking tours and pub crawls.
    Now Carter and colleague Dray have a new touring medium: a 125-page book, describing 16 of our capital city’s notably haunted houses and the circumstances of their disturbances. Their book will teach readers a lot about Annapolis, but it won’t give you Tell-Tale Heart-like scares. The authors’ style is historical rather than blood-chilling.
    Haunted Annapolis: Ghosts of the Capital City joins 140 other books in the History Press’ Haunted America series.

Screams in the Night

reviewed by Jane Elkin

Dear Friends:
    Halloween has overrun the stores again. Loathe as I am to see this happen, I am nevertheless excited to announce the publication of Screams in the Night, an anthology of Halloween tales including my own, The Séance, for teen and young adult audiences.
    My story is based on a personal experience you may have heard me relate after a glass or two of wine, an experience that obviously left a deep mark on my psyche and which I trust you’ll find disturbingly entertaining.
    Screams in the Night is available both in print. If you live nearby and would like to purchase the print edition from me, signed and discounted, please let me know ASAP ( If you’re not local and would like to purchase the book in print form, I’d suggest buying it from CreateSpace, which offers a better profit margin to the authors.
    Thanks for reading!
    Find a trailer advertising the book at and author blogs at
    For sale in print at The Artist’s Flat, Cape St. Claire.
    CreateSpace (
3976504) and Amazon
dp/B0093VEHY2 for $15.99.
    As an e-book for $4.96 at Smashwords (
view/222515) and Goodreads (