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Three New On-Water Boat Handling Courses at Powerboat Show

Learn the basics of power boating or brush up on your skills with three new affordable on-water courses for everyone in the family during the U.S. Powerboat Show.

      Intro to Boating and Women Making Waves, both three hours long, are offered at $149 and include show admission (ages 21+). A new 90-minute program for teens ages 13-19, Junior Captain, is priced at $99 and includes show admission for the enrolled teen and parent. Adult class size is limited to four students per vessel, while teen boats are limited to three. This ensures each student gets sufficient time at the helm under the watchful eye of a U.S. Coast Guard-certified instructor.

         All three courses include centering the wheel, shifting, steering and throttle control, stopping, station holding, understanding the weathervane effect and using the boater’s eye technique to safely navigate.

         Intro to Boating and Women Making Waves are taught aboard 20-26 foot powerboats provided by Freedom Boat Club Annapolis. Junior Captain is offered under a partnership of National Safe Boating Council and Annapolis School of Seamanship and taught aboard 14-foot rigid-hull inflatable boats.

         Intro to Boating and Women Making Waves: ThFSa 10:30 & 11am; 2:30pm & 3pm; Su 10:30 & 11am. Junior Captain: ThFSa 10:30 & 11am, 12:30, 1pm, 2:30 & 3pm; Su 10:30 & 11am, rsvp: