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Answer the call of this challenging surreal satire

Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield: Atlanta) is eking out a living along the poverty line. He bounces from job to job and can’t afford rent, so he lives in his uncle’s garage. Girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson: Annihilation) is his motivation to do ­better.


Her luck was here then gone

            My second cast was intercepted, and the small rod arced hard over. Through the thin line I could feel the shakes of a fish with some definite weight, several ounces at least. The big perch were finally back in residence along the rocky shallows.


Light falls; growth happens

            Plant successions occur regularly in the forest. More vigorously growing plants shade out the slower-growing species. Shade-tolerant species occupy the forest floor. The lower limbs on trees in a mature forest do not exist because they have been shaded out, often early in the forest’s development....

Bay Weekly’s Business Guide strives to expand your neighborhood

            My grandmother’s stories have stayed with me a lifetime. So it’s in the hope of deepening generational memory — and, yes, because I can’t resist telling or hearing a story — that I tell my grandchildren stories of life in my time and places. A favorite — whether of mine or theirs I can’t be sure — is my childhood neighborhood.


You’re never too young to fall for the magic of theater


When I went to see 42nd Street on opening night, I remembered my days as a young actress. When the school play was announced, I would race to the audition. I adored the chance to sing, dance and act as someone that I was not. I became a chorus member, a munchkin, a princess, a sailor and a wardrobe. The stage transported me to fairytale lands and long-past eras. Now I love going to youth theater productions to see where and when these children are transported today.


Your growing plants get hungry, too, as they start to produce

Tomatoes and peppers need your immediate attention if you hope to harvest a bumper crop.
    By now your tomato, eggplant and pepper plants have clusters of fruit clinging at the lower branches with flowers initiating new younger fruit in the middle branches. Now is the time to provide them with additional nutrition and prevent blossom-end rot.

Swimming in our Chesapeake — more than ever

There are many fish in the Bay. Most of them we never see — unless we’re catching as well as fishing.
    Dolphins are the exception — in two ways. First, they’re mammals, not fish. Second, they break the surface of the water once or twice each minute for air because dolphins, like us humans, need to breathe.

Nextival promises the next level in good times

Nextival is “the next evolution in a festival,” according to its creator Billy Zero.
    “I wanted to do something for families and kids because there’s not very much at a lot of events,” he tells Bay Weekly.
    Nextival brings all that and more to the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds this weekend.

Promising Playwright’s work addresses the terror about being unemployed and losing one’s place in this world

It’s rare that a new playwright gets to workshop a play with a director, actors and an audience.
    Andrea Fleck Clardy of Jamaica Plain, Mass., got that chance last summer when her play, Job Loss Figures, won The Colonial Players’ Promising Playwright contest. Now, Clardy gets to see her play on stage starting July 12.

How Executive Chef Steve Hardison keeps it fresh for Pirates Cove

Change is good. Renovating menus keeps a restaurant fresh and innovative. The old adage, don’t mess with a good thing, isn’t always true.
    Modifying the words may be simple, but setting those changes in motion can be daunting. Executive Chef Steve Hardison of Pirates Cove, in Galesville, knows this all too well.