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Come April 20, the outdoor ­calendar starts filling up

         Spring is on the calendar. We had another lovely taste of warm weather last week. Yet the forecasters say not to pack away the winter gear as the thermometer struggles to reconcile with our expectations of spring.

         Prepare your sacrifices to the weather gods, for as April moves forward, more and more outdoor events call us out of hibernation.

February 26, 1926 - March 14, 2018
     Lefty Kreh was the consummate angler, having dedicated most of his life to salt- and freshwater fly fishing and to promoting his and all aspects of the sport. In the process, he became Maryland’s and America’s international fly-fishing personality. 
A Bay Weekly conversation with landscape architect Sheila Brady
      We’re all converts, right? We’ve learned by heart the advantages of native plant gardens.
      They’re amenable to the peculiarities of our climate, which nowadays is peculiar indeed.

Bay Weekly's annual Home & Garden Guide

Antique and vintage items can be used to enhance the garden and other outdoor spaces, even pools and ponds. Japanese fisherman’s floats, small garden sculptures and metal pieces can become focal points and can add whimsy and flair.
–Jane Walter and Paula Tanis, A Vintage Deale

Businesses team up with ­Generosity Feeds

       Nearly 34 percent of Anne Arundel County young people struggle with food insecurity — having reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable and nutritious food. Local businesses recently joined forces with the nonprofit group Generosity Feeds to help ease those hunger pangs.
        Add a birdfeeder in your garden, and birds will be your visitors. 
        So you’ll want to make your home safe for them. 
        This season, consider the renovations that will go furthest to boost your home’s livability, beauty and value. Whether you’re building a new home or overhauling an existing one, here are three renovation ideas that will add beauty and value.
Expand Your Living Space
       Renovating your kitchen? Think about making updates that will add beauty and functionality to one of the most important rooms in the house. Here are a few innovative new looks and ideas to consider including in your plans.
Get Cozy
Big Bay Bash a Success! 
      Crochet for the Bay raised over $500 during the event! We are meeting next week to decide where the money will go. The cold weather did not stop people from coming, but now we know not to plan an event before April.

No-till gardens make the best use of resources

       Plowing or rototilling your garden each year causes all sorts of problems. Turning up your garden destroys the soil structure, dries out the soil and destroys organic matter. It also contributes to the formation of a compacted subsurface layer of earth called a pan and destroys tunnels and channels that roots of new plants can follow, promoting deeper rooting and greater drought-tolerance.