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Sorting through a lifetime of ­memories and mementos can be a daunting task
      A three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch house with a sprawling yard makes sense for families with kids and a dog and bikes and extra cars. 

The hardest part is getting started

      Have you thought about how you are going to have that difficult talk with your aging parents?
     The talk reminded me of talking to teen-aged children about sex, drugs and bad friends. So I delayed having that talk with my 80-year-old father.

The classic movie splashes to life

         In 1952 Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds teamed up on what was to become the top film musical ever made, according to the American Film Institute: Singin’ In the Rain. The story centers on the transition in the 1920s from silent film to talkies, and of course features that unforgettable title song, choreographed by Kelly complete with a drenching rain....

Three-year plan places 50 bikes at nine different spots around town 
      Whether you live in, work in or enjoy visiting Annapolis, the $64,000 question is where to park. 
      At city core, Church Circle is a central star, emitting streets like rays. From this spherical hub, you choose a street to search for parking. There are small streets, like Franklin and South, and more heavily traveled streets like West, Main and College Avenue. 

This common bird has an attitude

       Early each morning spring, summer or fall, in marshes all over the United States, male red-winged blackbirds sing their hearts out, telling all what piece of the ground they claim.
       In Calvert County, the late Tom Clancy’s 537-acre Bay-front estate is on the market. Asking price, $6.2 million.
      Peregrine Estate, as the megabucks author of Hunt for the Red October and other best-sellers called it, is a 17,000-square-foot mansion, with a mile of waterfront and its own fossil-filled cliff.

Innovation to make all safer, a few richer

      This year’s accumulating stories of deaths and serious boating accidents on the Bay and our rivers have gotten to me. I no longer leave the dock without donning my inflatable PFD. It was expensive, but it’s comfortable, and I feel safer.


A Hitchcockian thriller with a comic twist 

      Widow Stephanie (Anna Kendrick: Pitch Perfect 3) is a mommy blogger obsessed with perfection. She searches out healthy and delicious recipes for her son. She volunteers for every school activity. She crafts her heart out to cultivate the perfect Pinterest life.
      But Stephanie can’t make friends. Other parents find her mockingly obnoxious. 
Brook trout are native, but many imports are stocked in our streams
     My first trout was long ago, but I remember it like yesterday. The early morning mist was still clearing off the small stream. The sun had just begun to make its presence felt as I fished a five-weight, seven-foot fly rod about 20 feet off to one side of the creek to avoid spooking fish.

Beer and wine come to Quiet Waters

      As you enter Quiet Waters Park, you’ll see welcome signs, trail signs, pavilion signs and signs prohibiting alcohol. 

      If you want to have your wedding in the park, you’ll have to get the liquor license yourself. Other festivals and parades in the park have always been dry — until now.