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Long-Distance Art

Round-robin painting makes its way Down Under and back

      A Facebook memory inspired artist Jane Connor to send an unfinished canvas on a journey around the world.
      The social media site reminded Connor, owner of Wine & Design in North Beach, of an earlier failed attempt at a collaborative painting.
       “I was living in Texas at the time, and my friend in Ohio mailed me a painting she wanted me to add to, then send back to her. It sounded like a lot of fun, so we did it. Then it got lost in the mail.”
       Connor decided to try again, with ambition. She’d enlist artistic friends all over the globe to add an element to a painting that would eventually be auctioned off.
      “I wanted my good friend and my sister who live in Australia to contribute to it,” says the transplanted Brit. “So I created a Facebook group so we could follow the painting as it traveled. We haven’t lost it yet.”
      Connor’s original two-tone scene morphed into a quirky beachfront image as “a mixture of people and ages that contributed.”
       The eight-by-10-inch painting is now on its way back home from Sydney, Australia. Once back in North Beach, the names of all nine of the contributing artists and their homes will be listed on the back. Then it will be auctioned on behalf of Windows of Strength, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to organ transplant recipients and their caregivers.