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February 2016

Yellow perch break winter’s fast

Things are looking up for Maryland anglers when the first runs of yellow perch are reported. Also called ring perch, neds or yellow neds, they are the first Tidewater fish to respond to spawning urges. Leaving their wintering grounds, they will now break up into small schools and migrate toward fresher tributary headwaters to lay eggs and reproduce.

Put yourself in its place

Oh, the stories I’ve heard of abuse to cactus. I’ve spent many afternoons and evenings in plant clinics where people wheel in large barrel or drum cacti with decaying centers. Often water was oozing from the bottom where it had begun to rot. One elderly lady arrived in a chauffeured limousine. She sent the chauffeur inside to bring me out to examine her plant, a three-foot-tall Saguaro cactus. Before she would allow me to examine her cactus, she requested my credentials.

11 minutes a year can really add up

The moon wanes through late-night and early-morning skies this week, reaching last quarter Tuesday. The moon rises Thursday around 9pm, with the bright star Spica trailing about 10 degrees behind. Far to the west of the moon is Jupiter, the next-brightest object. Friday night Spica rises ahead of the moon, but now the two are less than five degrees apart.     The moon rises just before midnight Sunday followed only minutes later by the red planet Mars, roughly five degrees to the southeast. As sunrise approaches Monday you’ll find them high in the south.

A Puritan family in the 1630s discovers harsher realities than nature

Cast out from their village for professing a stricter faith than their Puritan brethren, a lone family packs its worldly goods into a cart and rolls toward the deep, dark wood.     Father William (Ralph Ineson: Kingsman: The Secret Service) sees the banishment as proof of his superior faith. He welcomes hardship and torment, as they allow him to beg for God’s mercy. Mother Katherine (Kate Dickie: Take It Back and Start All Over) invests blind faith in God and husband.

DMV Job Drive

Now Hiring: DMV Job Drive is looking for consultants in the DMV. We have over 200 positions to fill in the DMV area/walmart locations. No experience necessary and great compensation(6 figure earning potential). To apply visit or call 202-805-8035

8th World Artists Film Festival

Watch Vent and Cham, two films from Syria, then discuss. 7pm, two ­locations: Maryland Hall, Annapolis; Bowie Performing Arts Center: free: 

Get Schooled with Mr. Root 

Learn about Hip Hop and try your hand at rapping, free styling and ­beatboxing with Jamaal ‘Mr. Root’ Collier. 2pm, Eastport Library, free:  410-222-1770.

John Luskey in Concert

7-11pm, Dockside Restaurant, Tracys Landing:  410-867-1138.

Jewish Genealogy

Learn how to start, where to look and what to use in researching Jewish ancestry. 7-9:30pm, Anne Arundel Genealogical Society, Severna Park UMC:

The Return of the Osprey

This week in Maritime Lecture Series. 7pm, Annapolis Maritime Museum, $10 w/discounts, rsvp: